rate: 1WMZ = 6.076; WMR, QIWI and Yandex.Money = 0.1178
CBR rate on 24.05: 1$ = 6.2; 1 rub. = 0.124
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6.076 Yuan

(min 200 max 10000)
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0.16 WMZ

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271.00 WMZ to 1 657.22 Yuan
271.00 WMZ to 1 659.88 Yuan
1 000.00 RUB to 172.00 Yuan
12 500.00 RUB to 2 137.50 Yuan
1 000.00 WMR to 171.00 Yuan
1 000.00 WMR to 170.10 Yuan
228.00 WMZ to 1 392.03 Yuan
228.00 WMZ to 1 392.03 Yuan
200.00 WMZ to 1 221.08 Yuan
200.00 WMZ to 1 223.04 Yuan
Total exchanges: 130
Today's exchanges: 0

How it works?

We offer you a convenient exchange of WMZ ( dollar equivalent in the system Webmoney), WMR or QIWI in Yuan in a bank in China , as well as the completion of the payment system Alipay. In order to make the exchange you  through three simple steps on our website: enter data , make a transfer and confirm the payment . It is very simple and fast. Enjoy your use!


What's the exchange rate?

The exchange rate is calculated for one of the courses of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation ( dollar or ruble against the yuan to the current or next day (by choice of our system), net of commission and our service. The commission of our service constitutes: for the  WMZ exchange - 2%, WMR and QIWI exchange - 5%.


How long is the exchange?

Speed of exchange depends on its direction. If you wish to refill your account in Alipay - it will take some minutes or hours. If you wish to refill a Bank account - if you have made request during the Bank working hours, it will take some hours, and,  if you have made request outside the opening hours of the Bank, it will take up to 24 hours. It means that the processing exchange period can last from few minutes to a 24 hours.

14 мая 2014 года

14/05 we suspend all exchange operations. Information about the resumption of the operation of the service will be posted on the website.

14 мая 2014 года

Now you can leave your feedback about our service in system Webmoney:

14 мая 2014 года

According to numerous requests, we have replaced the direction of the exchange through "Alfa-Bank" on the system "QIWI"!

14 мая 2014 года

19 november 2013 we have launched! Now it will be easier and faster to replenish the account in Alipay or in Chinese Bank!